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A/C Service & Repair

A/C Service & Repair

Our home air conditioning service technicians perform comprehensive maintenance during annual tune-ups. These tune-ups are performed to industry standards and provide many benefits. Home air conditioning service can extend the useful life of AC equipment.

Basic step of a/c servicing..
. Gas pressure will be checked before start of the service

. Outdoor unit in case of Split AC will be checked for debris and will be cleaned
. Filter, drain pipe / tray and outer panel will be cleaned
. Cooling coils and condenser coils will be cleaned
. Any water leakage in the drain pipe will be checked carefull
. High Pressure jet pumps will not be used for this service
. Performance of the AC will be checked post service
. Cooling of the AC depends on multiple factors such as age of the AC, quality of the gas filled, pressure of the gas etc., and Servicing alone does not guarantee improvement in the cooling

Home air conditioning equipment is an expensive investment and an annual tune-up is one way to protect that investment. Also, the cost of electricity to run your home air conditioning system is not going down anytime soon. An annual tune-up can ensure your air conditioning system is operating efficiently.

Alserve offers home air conditioning service agreements which include an annual tune-up. Our agreements are a great way to ensure your home air conditioning system is operating properly. In addition to the tune-up, a service agreement from Alserve covers most expensive home air conditioning repair bills. Call 783 871 8916 to find out more today!

AC Service & Repair

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